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Disruptive technologies for smart cities - Virtual Reality

This is the last article from the series the KISMC team, a member of the Cluster, started in 2020, based on the outputs produced by partners under the project Smart technologies by design (Smart by Design). It was found that there are many digital and/or data-based technologies that are to a large extend applicable in the real conditions of the city and contribute to its coping with public problems or challenges. They are used in diverse areas like transport, energy, utility, urban, health, etc.

Disruptive technologies for smart cities - Augmented Reality

This is the next article from the series the team of the cluster member KISMC started this year for disruptive technologies for smart cities. The content is based on the outputs produced under the project Smart technologies by design (Smart by Design). The Augmented Reality is the enhanced version of reality where live direct or indirect views of physical real-world environments are augmented with superimposed computer-generated images over a user's view of the real world.

Hong Kong is a vibrant startup community

After our decision to activate a new concept of innovative startup accelerator, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City started looking around for good practices over the world.

The case of Hong Kong has become interesting to us because Hong Kong has recently become an important start-up center, supported by government initiatives such as InvestHK, Cyberport, and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

These organizations are very open and friendly for the EU-based companies and in a short time, they became our partners.

The impact of digitalisation on energy

Author: ADD Bulgaria

The Cluster Sofia Knowledge City provides a platform for publishing information and expertise to its members. Such a company is ADD Bulgaria, which develops solutions for resource management. The author of the following publication is Vessela Malinovska - Marketing Director at ADD Bulgaria. 


Digital technologies are all around us and affect our way of life, work, travel, and even play.

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