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Bulgarian Startups in MediaMotor Europe

Bulgarian Startups in MediaMotor Europe

The Call for proposals (17 July) the startups/scaleups to apply for the participation in the first 6-month accelerator program of the Media Motor Europe Project attracted 145 startups/scales from over 30 countries, 86 of which managed to finalize and send their application forms. On August 20, it will become clear which 20 startups will receive a package of support services for successful growth.

Eight promising companies from Bulgaria have applied. Below are presented resumes of their solutions:

The product is a real-time marketing research tool for the analysis of consumer behavior and patterns. A platform with a mobile app for customers to share opinions and rate. It changes the way of doing advertisement by making transparent the quality and value for money of food and beverage products. As a cloud-based SaaS, it provides producers and marketing companies with analytical information for the behavior of customers based on current data.

This product is an open-source protocol for trading advertising via real-time bidding (RTB). It is a fundamentally rethinked RTB Advertising. It allows advertisers, for the first time, to serve ads directly to users, eliminating the need for any third-party ad serving, targeting, verification, tracking, and analytics providers. The result - unparalleled cost reduction and enhanced transparency, security, and efficiency.

The company has developed Chibi, a domestic robot-pet. It is a product for an emerging market. Although there are in the market already available products like Aibo (Sony), Vector (Anki), Jennie (Tombot), Zoomer Kitty, Georgie Puppy, etc., the new robot Chibi possesses several new features like real skin and fur the user can touch.

The software package collects users' information and stores it on their devices securely. It utilizes modern cryptographic techniques, blockchain, and machine learning. All users running that software form a distributed network database that can be used to extract aggregated anonymous information and to earn money on it. It is the world’s first network where internet users own their data obtaining economic benefits from encrypted data storage while companies can extract aggregated and anonymous information complying with the GDPR in one single app.

The company is developing ScreenBit. It is a platform that provides the content providers with an open API, on which they step and manage the distribution of their own content through it. It is a combination of software & hardware solutions delivering content to screens plus delivering to the content-providers feedback concerning their surrounding area - analyzing the customers' behavior and interest, diverse statistics allowing the content providers to fine-tune their content in real-time without delay.

The company is developing a product Beyond Your Eyes (BYE). It is a software platform for first-ever real audio series, created by immersive sound design for headphones that are also optimized for blind people. BYE will bring surround effects from the cinema to the phones or tablets of users. It combines the magic of a movie with the power of a book. BYE will take the users one step further into their imaginary world. It will challenge it and charge it in a way they never felt before. It will give a whole new experience for blind people as well.

The company developed, as a result of a series of in-depth market analyses. The final product is a front-end platform with a software (Android) application behind which sits a powerful content management system (CMS) created to meet the needs of blockchain and crypto companies. The app can be used to manage the creation, modification, and distribution of digital content. The clients can integrate the CMS to their websites and show different features and additional useful industry information and thus retain users more on their platforms/websites.

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