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Participation of Cluster Sofia Knowledge City in the exhibition Smart Cities 2018

The Cluster Sofia Knowledge City signed a cooperation agreement with Via Expo, organizers of the international exhibition SEE Smart Cities 2018, which will take place on 27-29 March 2018 at the Inter Expo Center. The topics of the event are related to the new technologies for the transformation of classical cities into smart cities through the creation of digital infrastructure, fast access to relevant information, knowledge and innovation; integrated services for the population; an innovative approach to managing energy, water, waste and resources and everything that improves the lives of the citizens.


Exhibitors will present themselves in the following areas of challenges and innovations:

  • Domestic and building automation
  • Telematics - transport, public administration, disaster prevention
  • Innovative waste collection systems
  • Energy saving systems in hospitality, large office buildings, in manufacturing
  • Energy efficiency, cogeneration
  • Effective solutions for heating and cooling - heat pumps, boilers and pellet stoves
  • Waste energy, etc.

During the event, a virtual exhibition will be held, which will give participants an opportunity to present their products and facilitate their contacts with potential new business partners. Parallel to the exhibition will be an International Conference on Intelligent Cities, where there will be presented:

  • Digital Transition Partnership - part of the EU's Urban Agenda Initiative with Sofia Municipality Coordinator and Focus on Health and Social Services;
  • Digitization from the point of view of e-government and urban planning
  • Company Smart Solutions and Innovation: Transforming Cities for the Digital Age - SAP;
  • Digital solution for separate collection of waste - INNOVA and others.
  • EC Watify Campaign for Modernization and Digitization of Small and Medium Enterprises

For three days, the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City will have a stand to realize its Program for dissemination of the Cluster and products and services of its members - companies and organizations from the knowledge industries.

The visitors will be aquinted with the idea behind the Sofia Knowledge City as the three Cs:

  • Concept of transformation of Sofia through digitization and focus on knowledge;
  • Capable instrument of City of Sofia for implementing the Strategy for Smart Specialization;
  • Cluster of organizations and companies from Sofia and abroad, working for the knowledge economy.

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