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New proposals from the cluster members

New proposals from the cluster members

Quite often the members and experts of the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City come up with various proposals and ideas for projects that not only are feasible and realistic but can also provide a significant social impact on the city and its citizens and guests.

In July 2018, the following new ideas were prepared and presented to the municipal management, related to important areas for the municipality, such as cybersecurity, healthcare, and ecology.

They were as follows:


  1. Geospatial portal for proactive decision-support in the Sofia City Cyber ​​Security system based on the concept of the Internet of Things, provided by the cluster member David Holding
  2. Ideal drilling of fine particulate matter and aerodynamic pollution permitting registration and decision making in real-time to ensure the air quality in the city of Sofia
  3. An anti-cancer city plan, which is of strategic importance for the quality of life in the city, given the high level of morbidity and mortality from cancer.

There is a discussion of the project proposals and the search for a model for a future successful realization.

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