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Days of Research and Innovation in Brussels

Days of Research and Innovation in Brussels

The Cluster Sofia Knowledge City will take part in the Days of Research and Innovation, September 24-26, Brussels. (

This is the first annual European Commission political event to invite all stakeholders to discuss and shape the future landscape of research and innovation. 

One of the important goals of the event is to engage stakeholders to jointly create and build strategic priorities for the first 4 years of the implementation of the future Horizon Europe research and innovation program.

The event focuses on funding research and innovation solutions for the next major transition of the economy, society, and the planet to guide and foster innovation. Stakeholders will meet and set the European Commission's strategic priorities for investment in research and innovation. The event aims to mobilize EU citizens and demonstrate the importance of research and innovation needed to meet the challenges facing society. An exhibition of the best European research and innovation is also included.

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