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Kick-off meeting in Brussels

Kick-off meeting in Brussels

On February 24 and February 25, 2020, in Brussels kick-off meeting of the partners under Project 871552 - MediaMotorEurope - H2020-ICT-2018-20 / H2020-ICT-2019-2 was held. The meeting was hosted by the project leader V.R.T. Innovation. In addition to the representatives of the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City, represented by R. Nikolov and D. Hristov, participated the representatives of all other partners in the project, namely De Vlaamse Radio Televisieomroeporganisatie NV - Belgium; Media City Bergen AS MCB, Norway; Thermi Business Incubator, Thessaloniki; Athens Technology Center ATC; FastTrack FT, Portugal, and F6S, Ireland.

During the meeting, important decisions were made on project management and on the allocation of tasks and responsibilities. Emphasis was placed on the delayed start of the project and the need to speed up the preparation. The common platform for project communication and management, the preparation of mapping templates and the launch of a comparative analysis of deep-tech areas in the media industry, and how to describe the ecosystem of this project in individual countries are already underway. All work packages of the project were presented and such important elements of the project's marketing as its message to the target groups and its branding were clarified. The call for start-ups and scale-up companies wishing to enroll in the accelerators of the Innovation Hubs in Sofia, Athens / Thessaloniki, Bergen, and Brussels is set to begin in April. In this regard, the process of recruiting suitable mentors began during this meeting.

Overall, the meeting contributed to clarifying a number of issues related to the terms of Horizon 2020 and the proposed project implementation model, led by V.R.T. Innovation. The cluster will not only use this project to gain serious experience in attracting European funds for the initiative - Sofia Smart City, but will also direct the project resource towards the establishment of the Sofia Knowledge City Hub, which has been enshrined in the cluster plan from the beginning of its creation.

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