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Webinar: AI to the rescue in combatting fake news

Webinar: AI to the rescue in combatting fake news

The webinar will be addressing an increasingly important battle - news desks versus misinformation and fake news. In 2018, the Commission launched a detailed Action Plan against Disinformation. Recently, the European Digital Media Observatory started as part of that plan. 

We will be asking news desks and fact-checkers on how they check news stories and the tools at their disposal.

The Inspiration Journey on Fake News on 7 October is part of a series of digital events by MediaMotorEurope – the EU funded project helping startups and scaleups develop deep tech solutions for the media of tomorrow.

In this seminar, we are putting the spotlight on how journalists across the globe are constantly exposed to misinformation, disinformation, and fake news. Their work with identifying the real stories is essential for our democracies and verifying them is increasingly challenging.

  • How do they carry out fact-checking and what are the tools available and which are missing from their toolbar?
  • Are there opportunities for startups to bring to the market new deep tech solutions that can help check the veracity of incoming stories?

The Inspiration Journey on Fake News is bringing together a panel of practitioners in the field. We will have insights from the news desks across Europe, the work carried out by news desks, and fact-checkers to reveal the real stories behind the headlines. How do they work to ensure that we can trust the news we read?

The webinar is hosted by Media City Bergen, the Norwegian media cluster, in the framework of the EU funded project MediaMotorEurope. The project supports startups and scale-ups using deep tech to develop the media solutions of tomorrow. Fake news has been identified as one of the five priority areas of the project.

For more on MediaMotorEurope, please visit the website.

The panelists are:

  • Mrs. Polya Stancheva – Programme Director, Bulgarian National Radio
  • Mr. Vincent Merckx - Data journalist, VRT NWS, Belgium
  • Mr. Pericles Vassilopoulos - Greek Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) Citizen’s Communication Center, the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, the Citizens' Social Audit Councils, and radio host
  • Mr. Anestis Fachantis - co-founder of and Lecturer at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - AUTH, Greece, teaching Business Intelligence, Greece
  • Mr. Tommy Shane – Head of Policy and Impact, FirstDraft, UK

Moderator: Mr. Carl-Gustav Lindén, Associate Professor, University of Bergen, Norway

Where and When: Online 7 October 2020 10 AM CEST

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