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Over-The-Top services & advertising

Over-The-Top services & advertising

OTT (Over-The-Top) services & advertising – Current landscape & challenges

On October 21st, MediaMotorEurope will organize an Inspiration Journey to discuss the current landscape & the technology challenges met for successful consumer engagement and efficient programmatic advertising.

We will be discussing on what approaches do broadcasters follow and where and how new technologies could help them become friendlier and more relevant to their audiences, more engaging and transparent to advertisers, and eventually more competitive.

We will also get a sense of the current technology landscape with respect to consumer engagement and programmatic advertising.

We are going to explore aspects such as consumer targeting, OTT service advertisement optimization, and advertising metrics applied, along with the difficulties of their application in OTT services. We will also explore the process of programmatic advertising and issues like transparency/fraud, duplication, and network latency within it.

This Inspiration Journey brings together a panel of experienced representatives of European TV broadcasters as well as practitioners of the technology supply side. Broadcasters will share insights in the way they treat the development of their OTT services and bring up bottlenecks as well as any pains specifically met within it. Tech practitioners will let us have a sense of how technology could support efficient and user-friendly consumer engagement and programmatic advertising processes.

The Inspiration Journey on OTT services & advertising on 21 October is part of a series of digital events by MediaMotorEurope – the EU funded project helping startups and scaleups develop deep tech solutions for the media of tomorrow. The webinar is hosted by THERMI Business Incubator, the major innovation hub of Northern Greece, in the framework of the EU funded project MediaMotorEurope.

You can register here for the Inspiration Journey on OTT (Over-The-Top) services & Advertising.

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