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TechInnovation 2020 took place in Singapore

TechInnovation 2020 took place in Singapore

Between 7th and 11th December 2020, as a member of the EU partnership SmartCityTech, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City took part in the international exposition for business matchmaking TechInnovation 2020. The event has been organized by IPI Singapore.

CSKC participation was due to the kind invitation of DSPValley and a part of the EU partnership project European Technology for Sustainability (eT4S), a common undertaking of 5 EU countries - Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, and Bulgaria. Singapore is a country with extremely limited natural resources.

This fact has stimulated local authorities to organize their entire economy on the basis of high tech, smart technologies, circle economy, and sustainable solutions. That is the reason that up to the moment, Singapore is a world-class highly recognized high-tech leader.

These objectives have been achieved by Singapore by buying cutting-edge technologies from all over the world both by private companies, as well as government entities and organizations. Such technologies are usually acquired on specially organized technology exhibitions and trade shows, where representatives of the international science and business offer technologies in all target areas of Singapore’s strategic interests. Respectively, all interested Singaporean entities go there and buy those technologies.

TechInnovation is precisely such an exposition. There were exposed to it over 300 cutting-edge technologies in the area of business, medicine, smart cities, food industry, fintech, and dozens of more economic sectors. The following week is planned for a personal meeting between expositors and potential technology buyers.

The entire exposition has been organized online. Some of the presentations are available here.

For more information, please visit the eT4S project website.

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