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Invitation for a seminar on Green Growth

Invitation for a seminar on Green Growth

Cluster Sofia City of Knowledge invites its members, supporters, and stakeholders to take part in the final workshop on Green Growth for local communities under the COALESCCE project. The event will be held online on 08.06.2021 from 11:00 - 13:00 SEET on the Microsoft Teams platform. Those interested will have access to join the seminar HERE

The COALESCCE project, in which the member of the cluster the Euro Perspectives Foundation took an active part, is in its final phase and will present its recommendations and achievements to the local communities.

A little more about the results of the project. The project has elaborated and proposed new approaches to providing renewable energy across Europe at a local level in order to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy security and tackle energy poverty in the context of Green Growth. During the implementation of the project, which started in 2017, a review of the state of the energy sectors in all partner regions was carried out and as a result, regional action plans were created, followed by a two-year implementation period.

This last project seminar will review the implementation of the plans and analyze the impact on the energy sectors in the following European cities Manchester - UK, Abruzzo - Italy, Sofia - Bulgaria, Prahova - Romania, Valencia - Spain, Debrecen - Hungary, and Konstanz - Germany. The event will also present the created tool, which is intended for use at the local level in the management of the so-called Green growth.

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