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Еducation of her child and the children's choir - all what Marionela dreamed!

Еducation of her child and the children's choir - all what Marionela dreamed!

Many of Marionela's colleagues and friends are notified, that she, our very dear friend, left us forever. I do not know what more important she has had in her dreams except the good level of knowledge and education for her child. Of course, we all know about her proudness that they both, she and her daughter belong to the alumni of the children's choir of Bulgarian National Radio, whose 60th anniversary was celebrated this year at end of June.

Marionela left behind a very young daughter and a disabled husband. Many of you reacted with sorrow and empathy and some of you asked me if there is a way they can be in help for her family. Since she cared about her daughter’s education very much, we decided with the help of her family and relatives, to open savings accounts in the name of Kalina Zafirova to support her education after she coming of age.

Donations can be done by a bank transfer or cash deposits at the bank.
The bank details are as follows:

  • Bank: UniCredit Bulbank
  • BG85UNCR70004524440253 - BGN
  • BG31UNCR70004524440255 - USD
  • BG74UNCR70004524440257 - EUR

Reference: Kalina Zafirova savings account (education).

And I’m sure, you’ll all agree - this is the least we can do to help. Every little helps, so on behalf of our organizations and Marionela’s family and friends, we thank you in advance for your support.

Dimitar Hristov

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