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Survey on the initiative of ECCP

Survey on the initiative of ECCP

Dear partners, supporters, and stakeholders!

We are conducting a short survey on the topic of green transition and the circular economy. It is directly linked to the Towards Green Transition Facility, an initiative of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP). Our cluster is one of a total of 25 European clusters involved in this initiative.

This facility provides technical assistance to companies and organizations that use or develop technologies, products, and services for sustainable, smart, and green economic development.

In particular, the assistance is intended for those who carry out business activities and have project activity in areas such as resource efficiency, smart and green buildings, air, and water quality, digital circular economy solutions, recycling, waste management, environmental and efficient chains of delivery, etc.

With this survey the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City of hopes to study your readiness as companies or organizations to do business and/or implement projects in the field of "green transformation" and the circular economy, as well as your desire to take advantage of technical assistance, which will be provided under this initiative.

The entrance to the survey is HERE.


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