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Meet our coach: Vesselin Stoyanov

Meet our coach: Vesselin Stoyanov

Vesselin Stoyanov is one of the MediaMotorEurope (MME) coaches and trainers associated with the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City (CSKC) and has worked with the startups, included in the mentorship program of MME since its second support cycle.

Vesselin was kind enough to answer the questions of Marina Domigas from the MME partnership and share how he has been supporting the mediatech innovators in the growth of their businesses.

 Question: Why is MME important, and why did you decide to become a coach in this program?

Any ecosystem that promotes and develops young entrepreneurs is important by default. Europe is still lagging behind the US and China in terms of innovation, so formats like MME hold great potential to bring the right minds together and inspire the next generation to close that gap. My personal motivation to join the program was to pass on some of the rapid development methodologies I learned working for a Fortune 100 company and making sure they know that today’s giants may have their head start, however with the right mindset and dedication, a lean startup can still prevail in the marketplace.

Question: Which startups did you work with so far, and what did you appreciate the most about them when you first got in touch?
The first startup I supported was Deep VA (part of The Chainless GmbH). I certainly enjoyed their energy and technical prowess. The team was well prepared to tackle a lot of the product level challenges but needed a bit more in terms of dressing it up the right way for a broader audience. Ever since the first contact with them, I felt I was talking to friends and I kept that vibe moving forward into the objectives we created together.

Question: Which aspects did you work on with the startups?
In this particular case, we focussed a lot on product positioning, messaging, and conversion tactics. Those were the areas the team felt an outside perspective would be most valuable. To elaborate on that, I have temporarily put my ‘executive hat’ on and simulated a broad set of challenges we expected to see in the marketplace.

Question: And the results? What did you achieve together? In a few months, MME will start its final support cycle. Are you planning on being a coach in the third iteration as well?
I do plan to join any future sessions as I find the effort quite rewarding. We managed to revamp many assets (including the website) with the previous team, and they have shared positive feedback from our interactions.

Question: I’m sure that the MME program also provided you with some learning. Can you share something that has enriched you as a professional? Any work placed adequately in an agile format yields results for all parties involved. I was able to benchmark a lot of the methodologies we discussed, and I certainly learned a lot about the world of image recognition and ML processing.

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