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The open innovation workshop in Sofia Tech Park is over

A workshop on entrepreneurship and open innovations took place in Sofia Tech Park on 21.10.2020. This was the first event of the Media and Creative Industries Innovation Hub in Sofia, set in the program for the period 2020 - 2021. The program was developed by the cluster with the assistance of cluster members and was implemented in the frame of the MediaMotorEurope Project. It was coordinated with the Sofia Tech Park, BICA, and the Investment Council of the BCCI, partners in the Innovation Hub initiative.

SmartCityTech partnership launched new COSME project

On September 1, 2020, was launched the European Technology for Sustainable Development project in which the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City cooperates with 4 partner organizations from Spain, Belgium, Denmark, and Poland. The eT4S project is funded by the COSME Program

eT4S supports the development of collaboration and business agreements between the EU and North America (North East Coast of the USA) and between the EU and Asia/ASEAN (Singapore and China, incl. Shanghai). 

Inspiration journey workshop for open innovation

On October 21st, MediaMotorEurope will organize an Inspiration Journey in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This is the first event being organized within the program 2020-2021 of the MME Innovation Hub in Sofia, facilitated by the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City, the Bulgarian project partner of MME. The aims of the event are:

Over-The-Top services & advertising

OTT (Over-The-Top) services & advertising – Current landscape & challenges

On October 21st, MediaMotorEurope will organize an Inspiration Journey to discuss the current landscape & the technology challenges met for successful consumer engagement and efficient programmatic advertising.

We will be discussing on what approaches do broadcasters follow and where and how new technologies could help them become friendlier and more relevant to their audiences, more engaging and transparent to advertisers, and eventually more competitive.

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