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Circular economy and sharing platforms in energy

Vihra Andonova, Euro Perspectives Foundation

Rethinking Sustainable Development in European Regions by Using Circular Economy Business Models (REDUCE) is a project to improve the implementation of regional policies in order to enable regions to adopt more environmentally sustainable ways of production and to reduce the negative environmental impacts of economic development. The focus in this short article is the Circular business models.

Effective resource management with Arista Retrofit

As an association of deep-tech companies developing and implementing smart solutions for the digital transformation of cities and businesses, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City provides a platform for publishing information and expertise to its members. Such a company is ADD Bulgaria, which develops solutions for resource management. The author of the following publication is Vessela Malinovska - Marketing Director at ADD Bulgaria. 

Disruptive technologies for smart cities - Collaborative Robotics

Author: KISMC / CSKC

This is the next article from the series we started this year for disruptive technologies for smart cities.

The content is based on the outputs produced under the project Smart technologies by design (Smart by Design). Collaborative Robotics (Cobots) is referring to machines that are designed for direct interaction with humans in their working spaces without any security fence.

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