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Intelligent funding for Smart Cities

Dimitar HRISTOV, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City

According to the European Parliament, the idea of a smart city consists of the development and integration of information and communication technologies, human and social capital to improve citizens' quality of life and achieve sustainable economic development. 

A Smart City is the one that is able to successfully solve many public problems through solutions based on the latest technologies and through partnerships between citizens, academic organizations, businesses, municipalities, and the state administration, and between all interested parties. When we talk about such a city, we usually bring out at least six of its smart dimensions, namely: economy, mobility, the environment, lifestyle, people, and urban governance.

Key Terms of Sofia Knowledge City

We need a common language - key terms of Sofia Knowledge City. If we work together to create a city of knowledge, we need to understand things, in the same way, to communicate effectively and conduct a dialogue. Below, everyone interested will find short and commonly accepted definitions of 12 key terms and concepts needed to work in the cluster. D.Hristov - Vice Chairman of the Management Board of Cluster Sofia City of Knowledge

 1. Knowledge Society
Knowledge Society (KS) is a wider concept of an information society. It can be seen as a successor of a previous phase, the “information society” (IS), which in turn followed the “industrial society”. IS is so-called because of the huge flow of information that was triggered by the advent of computers, data processing systems, and communications.

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