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Over-The-Top services & advertising

OTT (Over-The-Top) services & advertising – Current landscape & challenges

On October 21st, MediaMotorEurope will organize an Inspiration Journey to discuss the current landscape & the technology challenges met for successful consumer engagement and efficient programmatic advertising.

We will be discussing on what approaches do broadcasters follow and where and how new technologies could help them become friendlier and more relevant to their audiences, more engaging and transparent to advertisers, and eventually more competitive.

Webinar: AI to the rescue in combatting fake news

The webinar will be addressing an increasingly important battle - news desks versus misinformation and fake news. In 2018, the Commission launched a detailed Action Plan against Disinformation. Recently, the European Digital Media Observatory started as part of that plan. 

We will be asking news desks and fact-checkers on how they check news stories and the tools at their disposal.

The Inspiration Journey on Fake News on 7 October is part of a series of digital events by MediaMotorEurope – the EU funded project helping startups and scaleups develop deep tech solutions for the media of tomorrow.

What is the purpose of a media organisation in a world in crisis?

The media industry has been hit hard by the corona pandemic. It challenges and drives us all to rethink, react, and reboot our approach. During this session, we will be focusing on how society should reboot after a crisis, and how we can overcome this challenge together through innovation. 

Future Media Hubs partnered up with Slush in order to give startups a platform to speak. Why Slush? Slush is one of the world's leading startup events in Helsinki, Finland.

Who are the 20 startups and scale-ups joining the MME?

The first Open Call results for MediaMotorEurope are out! Who are the 20 startups and scale-ups joining the mentoring program?

The first MediaMotorEurope open call for startups was launched on the 18th of May and closed on the 17th of July 2020, with 145 expressions of interest and 86 submitted applications. The evaluation process was not easy, given the high quality of the applications, but 20 innovators were selected for the first support cycle.

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