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Open call of Urban Tech Programme

Cluster Sofia Knowledge City would like to inform those SMEs and start-ups that works in Health Tech, Greentech and Smart City industries about a new open call, announced by the URBAN TECH Programme! 

The Programme is looking for innovative SMEs and start-ups to compete for a cascade funding.

You may be provided with up to 54 350 EUR per SME or start-up in different funding stages. To take part in this initiative, the participants will need to develop new or significantly improved products or services that address one of the URBAN TECH challenges.

The webinar on Digital Transformation is closed! You can find the presentations!

Today 12.05.2022 we closed successfuly the webinar "Digital Transformation Around the World - Taiwan - EU" that was organized by the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). The webinar was a part of the project eT4S and was also a preparatory stage for the upcoming buiness mission to Taiwan at the end of year. Over 60 participants had the opportunity to see and listen the briliant presentations of speakers from Taiwan, Bulgaria and Italy.

The SmartCityTech Partnership mission to USA is over

The SmartCityTech Partnership has finished its matchmaking mission to NewYork City and the town of Ithaca on May 1-6.

The mission was organised under the eT4S Project by our partner Green Hub Denmark

Who took a part in this mission? The group included representatives of companies from Danmark, Bulgaria, Spain, etc., all of them membering the partnership and interested in a circular economy and particularly in sustainable building management, individual heat and energy supply.

MediaMotorEurope project is coming successfully to an end

MediaMotorEurope, the programme that boosted the growth of 60+ European mediatech startups is coming to an end!

MediaMotorEurope (MME), a project co-funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, aimed to nurture high-potential European deeptech innovators solving today’s most prominent media industry challenges (including misinformation and fake news, protection of personal data) and support them in building scalable media solutions. After 3 open calls, 3 support cycles and 61 selected and supported startups, MME is ending in April 2022.

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