3rd support cycle of startups under MME

Kelp.Digital, Estonia

Advancing Content Protection and IP Rights management. Sharing content online today is like throwing a paper airplane. You never know what will happen next. When copied and republished, the link between the creative work and its author gets frequently erased: no content attribution, no fair compensation. At Kelp.Digital, we work to make such links easy to check and prove. We provide legally binding digital copyright statements that travel along with the content when it’s shared online. If scaled, our solution can make the market of creative content more transparent and fair for all parties. Join us to make it happen!

Saulx, Netherlands

Facilitating transition to a data-driven media industry 4.0. Tally is a real time audience interaction platform, built to handle the largest scales. Build custom quizzes, polls, or surveys, design them to fit your brand, and use the results in real time. Tally is built on our unique real time graph database, that can scale to millions of concurrently connected users. Turn your one-way broadcasts into two-way conversations, with ease.

Summy, Netherlands

Facilitating the transition to a data-driven media industry 4.0. Still serving the same video ad to everyone? Well, that’s just not enough anymore. You only cut through the noise with personalized, targeted messages. That’s why we build summy; summy creates hyper-personalized video ads that resonate with your audience like never before. Fully automated and continuously optimized.

Wanted TV, UK

Improved accessibility to media outlets. Wanted TV helps video streaming consumers to find the most relevant content to watch by providing them with personalized recommendations based on their watching habits and social interactions with their friends. Most streaming platforms struggle with discoverability, often being at the end of that process. With a focus on the untapped social discovery market and user-related data, Wanted TV intends to put them back at the center of it hence driving user engagement and retention.

Wantent, Ukraine

Main Challenge: Advancing human-machine interaction. An AI-based solution for evaluating content effectiveness. Wantent is a unique engagement efficiency solution, which tracks audience reactions and emotional states, estimates their attitude and engagement level into the content, and provides recommendations to improve it. We help video content producers and distributors to determine their target audience reactions, saving their time on production, marketing budgets, and making product launch results more predictable.

2nd support cycle of startups under MME

BunchID, Croatia

Facilitating transition to a data-driven media industry 4.0. Bunch.ID is a new revenue platform based on linguistic (NLP) analysis of comments without using any personal data. By analyzing conversation & language we can determine current interest and detect hate speach. Value of comments: readers who comment are 7 times more engaged. BunchID generates new revenue by: promoting targeted subscriptions calls based on conversation, promoting related articles and placing contextual ads.

DeepVA, Germany

Advancing human-machine interaction. The increasing demand for videos makes it impossible for media companies to efficiently manage their growing library. Simply hiring more employees is expensive and the task remains time consuming. DeepVA takes care of this process and automatically categorizes and tags visual content while providing innovative tools to create additional value from media!

EnVsion, UK

Facilitating transition to a data-driven media industry 4.0. EnVsion helps media organisations save time and produce more engaging content at scale by automating their entire video production workflows with multimodal AI.

Mimirium Network, Bulgaria

Better protection of personal data and data in general. MIMIRIUM NETWORK in an ecosystem that allows users to be compensated for the data mining and analysis of their personal data and behavior, without their identifying personal data leaving their control. 100% GDPR compliant, 100% anonymity and privacy. This ecosystem of different tools and protocols collects user information and stores it securely on the users own device. All users running that software, form a distributed network database, which can be used to extract aggregated anonymous information. For their participation, the users get paid. It is a form of Universal Private Data Basic Income.

Visualyst, Norway

Facilitating transition to a data-driven media industry 4.0. Visualyst helps the film and TV Industry process video for regulatory, technical, and editorial compliance through AI-assisted discovery and cloud collaboration. Our tool Visualyst ONE, allows teams to create policies, review video files against such policies, collaborate, and report in record time. Video content can be automatically scrutinized for things like nudity, violence, religious symbolism, alcohol and drugs, or sentiments such as hateful speech.

1st support cycle of startups under MME

AdHash, Bulgaria

Facilitating transition to a data-driven media industry 4.0.
AdHash cuts out the ad tech middlemen to bring efficiency, trust, and control. We make transparency the default state of digital advertising. By reducing the commissions in digital advertising by an order of magnitude, we allow media companies to monetise their publications much more effectively and thus to create higher-quality free content.

Macrorec Cinema Technologies, Turkey

Advancing human-machine interaction. MacroRec is a multi-axis motion control systems provider specially designed for the filmmaking, photography, and broadcast industries. The product range of MacroRec consists of sliders, buggy, cablecam, and dolly systems. Each product category has its modular design and cutting-edge technologies. All our systems have been built from the ground up for ultimate reliability with patented innovative features. From mobile app-controlled modules to remote-controlled solutions each and every module of the MacroRec motion control ecosystem is always ready for heavy duty use under extreme conditions., Netherlands

Fight against misinformation and fake news. The purpose of the media has always been to hold governments and organisations accountable. But who holds the media accountable? We believe it should be you. Especially now! That is why we are developing Mavin. Mavin will be an ecosystem of crowd-sourced, reputation-based, rating and commenting tools to enable internet users to instantly recognise the trustworthiness of content they read, share or engage in. This will help to restore online trust, fight misinformation, bad bots and trolls while offering publishers additional engagement, traffic and revenue.

StoryTracks, Ireland

Advancing human-machine interaction. StoryTracks is a storytelling platform providing one of the most authentic means of digital engagement today. A highly engaging and immersive mobile application that allows clients to create and distribute audio and video content through multiple channels connecting them with their target customers in-destination. It enhances the customers experience by bringing local areas to life through the telling of local stories by local people. It allows them to self-explore hidden gems and positively engage with the user whilst in-destination. A great way to both drive ancillary revenues and improve the customer experience

Vixtape, Portugal

Better protection of personal data and data in general. Project Vixtape is a media platform that delivers ambient video content and brand integrations in a respectful, less intrusive way. Project Vixtape is creating new media and ad formats that allow content owners and advertisers to discover new audiences and revenue streams. New features include decentralized distribution, cross-device interactivity, and programmatic optimization with progressive data policies. The company operates out of Lisbon, Porto and New York City.

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