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INVESTech: Advancing Vocational Education for a Digital Age

Welcome to the INVESTech project, an ambitious initiative aimed at supporting the establishment and development of a transnational cooperation platform of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) in the field of ICT. Our project spans across five European countries: Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Lithuania.

INVESTech seeks to harness the innovation potential of VET in the participating countries. By fostering collaboration between education, the labour market, and various stakeholders, we aim to promote skills development, innovative technology adoption, green transition, and social inclusion.

Membership in Future Media Hubs?

If you are an innovative media company that works in the media space of Bulgaria, but wishes to expand its ecosystem, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the activity of the Future Media Hubs (FMH) network and become part of it! We believe that it is the place where ideas, projects and new opportunities for cooperation between media companies in Europe are generated.

Why Future Media Hubs? One of the results of the successful MediaMotor Europe (2020-2022) project, in which Cluster Sofia Knowledge City took part and which ended more than a year ago, was to create an environment for a stronger and more diverse European ecosystem for media innovation.

Future literacy for a green economy

Dimitar Hristov

Recently, on the occasion of the last version of the Orientation Guide for Development of Green Skills, elaborated under the Go Green Project, I had to think and write some "wise thoughts" about future literacy as an important solder for creating a green economy, or more specifically for developing the so-called "green skills". However, let's not react with emotional overload when writing about the "green topic", because our focus here is mainly on future literacy.

The European Center for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefob) defines green skills as knowledge, abilities, values ​​and attitudes necessary to live, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society.

Digital Educational Package

 A Digital Educational Package (DEP) for trainers and trainees (students, young servants) from the agricultural sector has been developed under Degrebe Project, which the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City implements together with partner organizations from five European countries. DEP includes:

Let's firstly look at the Knowledge Base.There are included in it five learning modules, which we think explain the most important learning fields directely concerned with the green economy and skills specifically in this sector. 

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