Webinar: Smart City Technology Partnership - EU - Taiwan

Four smart-city-tech companies from Europe and Taiwan are invited to the stage! The stage will be open on September 29 at 12.00 ЕЕТ (UTC+3).

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This is an event of the consortium of European clusters, named Smart City Tech Partnership and the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI).

  • The Smart CityTech Partnership includes 11 partners from 8 different EU countries. It focuses on driving the development of solutions for urban areas enabled by smart systems technologies forward. Urban areas have always been at the center of economic growth and technological advances. The Smart City Tech partnership aims at increasing the competitiveness of EU companies by supporting the development of smart systems-enabled solutions for urban areas through the implementation of a joint cooperation agenda.

Webinar: Towards the green economy transition in cities (2)

European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP)

Towards Green Transition Facility - TGTF

Towards the green economy transition in cities

(approaches and practices)

Cluster Sofia Knowledge City

10 September 2021, 14.00-15.30



Moderator: Silvia Kuehl, Ecorys, TGTF representative

  • Welcome to the participants
  • Opening words
  • Introduction of the ECCP Towards Green Transition Facility services to the CSKC cluster: Silvia Kuehl

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