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Competence matrix on skills gaps in retail - Digiskill Retail

Competence matrix on skills gaps in retail - Digiskill Retail

It is time to share some results from the implementation of the Digiskill - Retail Project, in which the Sofia City of Knowledge Cluster participates together with organizations from the EU. The lead partner in this project is the Central Office for Vocational Training in Retail eV. The project started in September 2022 and will end in August 2024. It aims to develop a toolkit to address the challenges of digital transformation in retail.

In particular, specific study units and e-learning modules are under development to be used to improve the digital competencies and skills of retail trainees and their trainers (digicompEDU).

Expert interviews were conducted with trainers (teachers) of sales assistants and retailers (trainers in companies, teachers in vocational training centers and in vocational schools) in four countries Greece, Estonia, Germany and Bulgaria. Through a comparative analysis of the interview results in these four countries, skill gaps were identified in terms of digital competencies in retail (measured against the competencies listed in digicomp2.0 or digicompEDU.

As a result, a comparative competences matrix was developed for this project. It shows the different degree of development of the existing competencies of the trainees in different places and the different weight of the gaps in the qualifications of the workers in this sector. This framework will be used to further develop digital, actionable microlearning learning units directly related to the operational business process in retail.

More information on these results can be found on the project website HERE.


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