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Invitation for discussion forum

The Managing Board of the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City invites the members and stakeholders of the cluster to join a meeting - discussion forum that will take place on 16 November 2017, from 16:00 to 18:00, at 8, Tsar Kaloyan Street, 4th floor, at the Attorneys Training Center.


The purpose of the meeting is to clarify the objectives and interests of cluster members and stakeholders, to specify the vision for development and to make a more determined attempt to build a common language for communication. It is time to meet up and to address all the most important issues related to the creation and future of Sofia Knowledge City. The well understood information on the benefits of the industrial clusters, as well as understanding the specifics, visions and objectives of the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City will be a key success factor for development. Another topic in the discussion will also be challenges and opportunities for implementing a co-financed project by the Competitiveness and Innovation operational programme, the contract for which is expected to be signed soon.

Through this discussion the Managing Board would like to receive a feedback that could give an answer about if the efforts made till now were rational and to clarify the expectations for the future.

During the meeting the following brief presentations will be presented as a starting point for the discussion:
1. Vision, objectives, approach and status of the cluster. Implementation of the project under OPIC - Dimitar Hristov
2. Projecs and opportunities in front of the cluster and role of the inter-cluster partnerships - Prof. Rumen Nikolov.

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