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A Sofia Knowledge City strategy is elaborated

A Sofia Knowledge City strategy is elaborated

А Marketing Strategy for the period 2019-2025 for transforming Sofia into a smart city has been developed with the financial support of OP Innovation and Competitiveness. It reflects the role and impact that Cluster Sofia Knowledge City can deliver on the processes of transformation and digitalization of the city, following the objectives of the cluster to impose good practices in creating knowledge cities. The strategy, as well as the market research, are the result of cooperation between the cluster and the consulting practice Euroconsultants Bulgaria SA - a member of the international group Euroconsultants S.A.

In the course of the implementation of this activity, it was clarified that the consultancy will become a member of the cluster and will, on the basis of its international experience, support with advice and specialized services, its further development in pursuance of the developed strategy.

In this context, the following vision and mission of the marketing strategy are formulated:

  • Vision: Recognizing Cluster Sofia Knowledge City from Sofia Municipality, Citizens and Business as one of the main providers of sustainable smart city solutions (products, services, and business models)
  • Mission: Achieving Dynamic Development of the Cluster Members to Transform the City of Sofia into a national and regional center for education, contemporary research, innovation and entrepreneurship based on ICT.

Four strategic objectives (SCs) are defined for the realization of the strategy, which also corresponds to the priorities for cluster development:

  • SC 1: Strengthening the Capacity of the cluster for building and serving the innovation ecosystem of the City of Sofia;
  • SC 2: Creating an image of the cluster as one of the most important providers of sustainable smart city solutions (products, services, and business models);
  • SC 3: Cooperation for the creation of an innovative ecosystem in Sofia;
  • SC 4: Implementation of joint products and services by members of the cluster.

Each of these objectives is further elaborated through specific (tactical) tasks, measures, and activities, and an Action Plan has been developed for its implementation. It sets the timeframe for the implementation of each activity, as well as the institutions responsible for it and the potential sources of funding. In order to monitor the correctness of the implementation of the Strategy, a feedback mechanism is foreseen to include internal cluster monitoring systems and its members, indicates the frequency of monitoring, and sets out performance assessment mechanisms.

In addition to the strategy, the following results are also presented:

  • Analysis and suggestions for a business model and market positioning of the CSKC on the smart technology market in Sofia.
  • Product-market combinations, initiatives, and joint innovation projects.
  • Conceptual Idea for Park of Knowledge.

In this way, the strategy becomes a key tool in preparing and making important market, financial, investment and organizational solutions for cluster development, giving an answer as to how it should reach a critical mass of members, position itself on the market, and win the trust of customers and partners in favor of the city and turning it into a smart city.

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