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Welcome to SmartCityTech

Welcome to SmartCityTech

The Cluster recently was accepted to the SmartCityTech partnership, that unites 10 partners from 7 different EU countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal.

It includes the following organisations: DSP Valley, Brains Business, ZD.B, BICCnet, GAIA, SCC Cluster, AMEC, House of Energy, TICE.PT, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City and  Danish Sound Network.

Smart City Tech partnership has as mission to increase competitiveness of EU companies by supporting the development of digital technology enabled solutions for resilient urban areas through the implementation of a joint cooperation agenda:

  • Actionline 1 - Building a vibrant and global ecosystem of companies, policy makers, academia, investors and citizens ready to engage for joint projects.
  • Actionline 2 - Developing a joint vision on smart systems for urban areas which will lead to concentrating available resources on those activities which can create the most impact for urban areas.
  • Actionline 3 - Developing global innovation capacities which allows for efficient development of new smart systems solutions for urban areas.
  • Actionline 4 - Stimulating active collaboration between stakeholders on concrete projects leading to added value for all ecosystem stakeholders involved.
  • Actionline 5 - Mobilizing funding, either public or private money, as key resource to drive SmartCityTech projects forward.

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