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Inspiration journey workshop for open innovation

Inspiration journey workshop for open innovation

On October 21st, MediaMotorEurope will organize an Inspiration Journey in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This is the first event being organized within the program 2020-2021 of the MME Innovation Hub in Sofia, facilitated by the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City, the Bulgarian project partner of MME. The aims of the event are:

The main topic of discussion will be innovation and collaboration – opportunities and challenges for the media and creative industries in response to the most pressing challenges in Bulgaria and the region. We will present how to grow and to support the projects of innovators, inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and all people with ideas. The seminar will be a focus on practical approaches, tools, examples, technologies that successful innovators are applying to develop their businesses.

This Inspiration journey gives the floor to such start-ups as:

They will showcase their success stories and engage us in the way technology could help fight some of such challenges as:

  • The fight against misinformation and fake news;
  • Improved accessibility and inclusion of media services for people with disabilities;
  • More advanced human-machine interaction;
  • Better protection of personal data through new technologies;
  • A transition towards a data-driven media 4.0 market.

The Inspiration Journey on Open innovation on 21 October is part of a series of events by MediaMotorEurope.

The seminar is hosted by Cluster Sofia knowledge city who is the innovation hub in Bulgaria in the framework of the project.

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