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The freedom to rate and buy

The freedom to rate and buy

A new rating platform is on stage! 

The Cluster Sofia Knowledge City announces the opening of Rate Mate.

The startup entered the Accelerator of the cluster at the beginning of 2021 with a beta version of the software product. Now the platform is ready for a market test. Rate Mate gives freedom to its users to rate and consequently see what ratings other users give to the registered in the platform food and beverage products.

People nowadays are literally flooded with producers and their products and in most cases choosing what to buy is a quite challenging task.

The main idea of the platform is to constantly enrich its functionalities so that its users increase their knowledge about products from various aspects. Sharing their opinions and rating is at the heart of the platform. The startup aims to disrupt the advertising business by making truly transparent the quality and value for money of food and beverage products by bringing all this with the use of a mobile app. The idea was born simply as a consequence of being in the shoes of the majority of people nowadays, i.e. being in the supermarket, staring at the endless variety of products on the shelves, and not knowing which one exactly to buy.

Although similar rating platforms exist over the world in regards to other kinds of products and services until now there is no similar one for food and beverage. There are online retailers that give the ability to its users to give ratings, but these ratings are only limited to the customers of the specific online stores. Rate Mate does want to become the TripAdvisor for the food and beverage industry, which brings together people who are interested to know about what others think of products and respectively give back their ratings and experience with them. Finally, the value proposed by developers of the platform to users is to bring up the real quality of products, so that they do not only rely on ads, which in many cases are misleading. In simple words, the platform aims to document the "word of mouth" phenomenon.

To make a decision at the tip of your thumb download the APP!

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