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Center for Competences for Innovation Management and Smart Cities

Center for Competences for Innovation Management and Smart Cities

Cluster Sofia Knowledge City (CSKC) and the International Business School, which is one of the committed members of the cluster, have agreed to establish a Center for Competences for Innovation Management and Smart Cities.

The center will focus on the preparation of human capital in accordance with the European Skills Agenda with an emphasis on skills in managing innovation and deep technologies for digital transformation and smart cities.

This will be the first specialized competence center in the country, which will upgrade and certify skills, knowledge, and abilities directly related to the new professions, so necessary for the cities of the future.

The initiative envisages offering lifelong and specialized training to expand and improve the professional qualification and skills for technology management, innovation, and projects for smart cities. The target group is the innovative professional community, which includes employees and managers, experts, consultants, mentors, urban planners, economists, architects, engineers, geologists, cartographers, lawyers, as well as technicians working in the ICT sectors, etc. who, by upskilling with new competencies and subsequent certification, will claim knowledge and skills in the management and implementation of various types and sizes of the smart cities projects.

The partners are currently participating in the Skills4Cities (Erasmus +) project, which will be the first step in the implementation of this initiative. After the completion of the project, the center will have the necessary resources to prepare and certify the first three new professions needed for urban development:

  1. Smart Cities Project Manager;
  2. Smart City Project Developer (expert for developing and planning smart cities projects);
  3. Smart City Project Consultant (adviser).

The model proposed by the partners, on the basis of which a competency framework will be developed and professional roles will be described, includes the following four groups of competencies:

  1. Transversal competencies, incl. innovative and creative thinking, soft and analytical skills, project management skills and knowledge, etc.
  2. Basic knowledge and abilities in smart city technologies - such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, large database analysis technologies, Internet of Things, intelligent sensors, physical cyber systems, collaborative robots, cybersecurity technologies, blockchain, added and virtual reality;
  3. Skills and knowledge to deal with the challenges arising in the development and implementation of smart city projects - for example, technological, financial, stakeholders and conflicts of interest, social, managerial, business models, etc .;
  4. Competencies in the main areas for generating and implementing projects for smart cities - economy, human capital, mobility, environment, lifestyle, and management.

At the heart of the initiative is the most important building block of any smart city, namely the "smart city project". The topic of smart cities, technologies, and good practices is covered in a number of our BLOG publications on our page. The definition, characteristics, and challenges of smart city projects can also be found in the blog and more specifically HERE.

Cluster Sofia Knowledge City (CSKCis an association of enterprises from knowledge-intensive industries, universities, R&D organizations related to the chain of production and supply of technologies, products, and services. It is a tool for joint actions of the business, education, and science with urban and public institutions to generate and effectively use knowledge, know-how, and scientific infrastructure for the benefit of the city. The main goal and policy of the cluster are to stimulate the development of the market for intelligent and breakthrough technologies and to attract talents necessary for the digital transformation of businesses and cities.

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