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MediaMotorEurope round 3 kicked off with a ‘Big Bang’

MediaMotorEurope round 3 kicked off with a ‘Big Bang’

The last news from the ongoing MME project is about the successful end of the "Big Bang" event. Each MME support cycle starts with the Big Bang event: a kickoff event where all the startups and partners in the MediaMotorEurope program are present. The start of the third and last support cycle was no different.

On 25 August, we went live from the studio of the Media City Bergen hub, Norway.

The whole MME ecosystem was present, and our host of the day was Kristoffer Hammer, the EU advisor at MCB. Hubs, partners, and startups introduced themselves and their teams. For the startups, it was also their first chance to present their deeptech solutions. The Big Bang was an excellent way for all participants to get to know each other as well as the consortium partners that will directly support them throughout their MME journey.

It is such a privilege to welcome the 20 most promising media startups in Europe to MediaMotorEurope. I only wish we could have shared their introductions with everyone. Look out for the Mediatech On Stage later this year, to have your opportunity to get to know them!”, says Kristoffer Hammer.

After all the introductions and demos, the host, Hammer, facilitated a Q&A session, where the startups could learn more about the MME program and what to expect in the months ahead. The conversation was flowing, and all the startups got excited for the upcoming networking workshop where they could connect once again.

Finishing up the event there was one last participant: Bjørn Myreze, a ‘mediatech rockstar’, and the founder and CEO of the industry-leading branding and virtual production company Myreze. He shared his very honest personal story with ups and downs, successes and downfalls, all with the happy ending that was the establishment of his own company. His story was an inspiration to all and shows how perseverance and dedication are key to success as a startup. 

Want to know more about our 20 deeptech stars? Visit their Portfolio and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you would like an introduction.

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