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Webinar: Mapping technologies and design thinking for smart cities

Webinar: Mapping technologies and design thinking for smart cities

CSKC informs its members and stakeholders of a webinar that will be focused on how digital disruptive technologies shape the smart city concept and what upskilling for managers of the tech companies is needed. The webinar will be free and will take place on September 24th, 13.30 CEST. The webinar is organized by KISMC with the support of the cluster, of which KISMC is a member. The topic of this seminar is in line with the cluster's strategy to support the process of upskilling in the field of smart cities. 

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The context 

The rapid advances in technology are reshaping our economy and society. Technology has been incorporated by cities for many years. The pace at which this adoption takes place is increasing rapidly as disruptive digital technologies have the potential to solve major metropolitan challenges. As a consequence, urban areas transform into smart cities. In this transformation, disruptive technology is the main driver. However, the SMEs as well as the cities, are not seeing the results they aimed for due to the skills gap.


  • Mapping the smart city technologies and their impact on cities.
  • Business model innovation for smart city solutions.
  • Smart city projects cases.
  • Design thinking for smart city developers and UX designers.


  • Milena Koleva, KISMC
  • Christian Filipov, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City
  • Metodyika Tarliovska, Innovative Sofia, Sofia Municipality
  • Georgi Kissjov, RISK Electronics
  • Vesselin Stoyanov, Evo Tech Development
  • Anton Sotirov, Sesame

The objectives 

To raise awareness about the benefits of the smart city industry as an innovation domain for business, to promote smart city disruptive innovation, and to present some results of the Smart by design project.

Who this event is for? 

The event is targeted at SMEs, smart city experts, consultants, project managers, training centers, policymakers and municipalities, academics, knowledge clusters, professional associations, etc.

About Smart by Design 

The project mapped the disruptive technologies and developed a training program for managers. The key topics within the project are design thinking and disruptive innovation processes to develop smart city solutions by SMEs.

Smart by Design Project:

Register for the webinar HERE



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