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MediaMotorEurope project is coming successfully to an end

MediaMotorEurope project is coming successfully to an end

MediaMotorEurope, the programme that boosted the growth of 60+ European mediatech startups is coming to an end!

MediaMotorEurope (MME), a project co-funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, aimed to nurture high-potential European deeptech innovators solving today’s most prominent media industry challenges (including misinformation and fake news, protection of personal data) and support them in building scalable media solutions. After 3 open calls, 3 support cycles and 61 selected and supported startups, MME is ending in April 2022.

Throughout its 28-month duration, the 61 startups that took part in the programme benefited from 22 specialized coaches; 235 coaching hours; 100+ workshop hours and more than 180 pitching opportunities. MME also established important synergies with other initiatives and H2020 projects, namely with STADIEM. The support and coaching provided by the programme was also key to some startups as they were then able to get financing from investors or secure profitable deals with big players in the media industry. See the MME success stories.

MME organised 3 pitching and networking events: #MediatechOnStage. These events closed each support cycle and had the purpose of giving visibility to the startups and to their solutions, as well as connecting them with investors and corporates to kick start fruitful partnerships.

From each event, a winner for the pitching contest was selected: AdHash (Bulgaria), GlobalM (Switzerland) and Kelp.Digital (Estonia) and their tech solutions were featured on

MME achieved significant online impact in its communication channels, creating an engaged community of over2500 members. To get to know all the facts and figures around MME, please consult the MME wrap up flyer and watch the final project video on the MME Youtube channel.

What’s next?

Many of the MME alumni applied to another H2020 programme called STADIEM. In this programme, the companies will go through an intense testing and integration process, which forms the perfect real-life application for their projects, with support from a €150K grant.

XD Media Hubs is an Erasmus+ project that just started and aims to prepare, equip, support and develop entrepreneurs, managers and owners of deeptech startups in the sector of Media and Creative industries. This project will for sure benefit from the ecosystem already created by MediaMotorEurope.

The MME ended, but it is still possible to connect

The consortium of 7 partners: VRTMedia City BergenTHERMI S.ACluster Sofia  Knowledge CityAthens Technology CenterFasttrack Ventures and F6S is saying goodbye to what was an amazing collaboration.

You can still explore our startup alumni portfolio and request an introduction to Milena Koleva (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Here is our end the project VIDEO!




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