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The cluster birthday is now a memory

The cluster birthday is now a memory

12.12.2022 г. Sofia, Hotel Kitchen 59 Rooftop Pool, bul. Tsar Boris III No 59    

Custer Sofia Knowledge City (CSKC) celebrated its sixth anniversary together with its partners from Electic Vehicles Industrial Cluster (EVIC). The Chairman of the Board of EVIC Iliya Levkov, in his role as a symbolic host, extended an invitation to the Chairman of the Board of CSKC, Dimitar Hristov, and together they opened the celebration by wishing their guests, members and friends pleasant moments and merry upcoming Christmas holidays. Although it was informal, the party was honored with a congratulatory letter sent by Mr. Dobri Mitrev - Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.

The attendees had the opportunity to hear and see the latest technical achievements and the renewed product range of the company Legrand Bulgaria, which was the official sponsor of the event. Legrand is the newest member of EVIC and as a provider of solutions for electric distribution infrastructures will undoubtedly contribute to the creation of smart networks of charging stations in Sofia and the country, which is one of EVIC's goals.

During the event, the participants had the opportunity to see a short presentation of photos and footage related to the history of the Sofia City of Knowledge Cluster from its creation in 2016 to the end of 2022. Given the particularity of the development and management of industrial clusters, this can be reported as a success for the cluster, especially in the area of projects and international activity. During the period of its existence, the organization has successfully completed or is in the process of implementing 8 projects with a total value of over BGN 8.2 million, of which the funding attracted to the cluster are over BGN 1.3 million, if not considered the technical assistance from the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP).

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the guests had the opportunity to exchange information and share moments of their activities in 2022, as well as to discuss ideas for future joint activities and projects.



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