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Creative and Media Industries Survey

Creative and Media Industries Survey

Creative and media industries are very diverse, in size, type of activity, necessary skills but, also, in the relevance each one has in different geographical ecosystems. So, under the XD Media Hub Project a survey was carried out between the months of June and September 2022 with a total of 67 responses representing the interests of all the ecosystems that will participate in the project acitivities including researchers from each of the project partners, as well as professionals and managers of companies in this sector. 

In order to facilitate the answers, it was decided to split the survey between creative and media industries. Each respondent answered three questions related to each identified area: 

  • Economic relevance of a creative/media industry area in the region (or country) and in the business ecosystem close to each partner. It is a generic question to identify the relative dimension in terms of employment, contribution to GDP or development degree of these in each of the environment of us (partners).
  • Entrepreneurial activity around each of the creative/media industry areas. It was considered that it was possible that some areas were emerging and that, despite not having a relevant economic weight at present, they can be areas in which there are promising entrepreneurial initiatives or regional development plans that suggest future relevance.
  • Finally, each survey participant was asked to sort each of these creative/media areas according to their preference about been part of the focus of the work. It was considered that, in addition to the present of future relevance of these areas, the closer connection of each partner is with one area, the more effective and interesting the work should be and the more impact should have in local environment.

Now here the results of this survey: 






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