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Workshop Sustainable innovation and culture of change

Workshop Sustainable innovation and culture of change

At the end of March this year, 27-31.03.2023, two members of the cluster - Knowledge, Innovation and Strategy Management Club (KISMC) and CEED Bulgaria organized a seminar on "Sustainable Innovation and Culture of Change".

The seminar was organized within the framework of the international project Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change - ERASMUS+ Project.

Twenty-one entrepreneurs and business representatives from Bulgaria, Greece, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom took part in this seminar. 

Panels at the workshop were dedicated to turning climate change into business opportunities. 

Participants were presented with good practices and shared their own experiences of the role and impact of business on the transition to a green and circular economy. In particular, emphasis was placed on the growing role of innovative business models to combat climate change.

You can find out who the lecturers were and what the participants of the seminar in Sofia visited from the uploaded short film dedicated to the impressions and results of this training event. 


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