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XD Media Hub Project has ended

XD Media Hub Project has ended

At the beginning of January 2024, the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City ended its participation in the XD Media HUB project. This was a project that started on January 1st, 2022 and ended on January 1st of this year. To implement this project, we worked together with the following partner organizations:  CEEDFasttrack ActionSocialenterprise4allF6SUniversity of DeustoInqubator Leeuwarden.

The project aimed at revealing and disseminating information and knowledge about the challenges and opportunities for business development in the media and creative industries

It had also to support the professional training of entrepreneurs and managers in these industries by creating appropriate tools, learning modules and training courses. Overall, the project was a continuation of the successful MediaMotor Europe project previously supported by the Horizon 2020 Programme, but now with an emphasis on the professional knowledge and training of entrepreneurs in these industries.

To our great pleasure, all partners actively participated in the realization of the project and in the end its goal was achieved. Several PRODUCTS are reported that entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals in the media and creative industries can use to improve their approach and business practices.

How did the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City team contributed to the development of these products?

The cluster took part in the execution of almost all the tasks and the achievement of almost all the intermediate results. Nevertheless, there were also tasks and deliverables that were specific to our organization. Here are what those deliverables were:

  • Research and analysis of the creative and media industries sector in Bulgaria;
  • Development of the topic on "Tools for discovering opportunities and generating innovative business ideas" as part of Module 1 of the Roadmap;
  • Participation in the development of the Competency Model, the Competency Framework for Entrepreneurs and their implementation in the Entrepreneur Self-Assessment Test;
  • Preparation of case studies based on two Bulgarian enterprises from the creative industries;
  • Development of learning materials (learning nuggets) based on the "Business Opportunities Map" concept;
  • Conducting a survey among 35 participants to assess their entrepreneurial competencies and presenting the results during a conference in Sofia;
  • Conducting a focus group to validate project results;
  • Involved in the development and testing of a Moodle-based learning workspace/platform with built-in features and tools.


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