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The second meeting of the City of Knowledge Club was held

The second meeting of the City of Knowledge Club was held

On June 21, 2024, the second meeting of the City of Knowledge Club took place in the BARTER Community Hub in the Vitosha Business Center.

This time our meeting was focused on "The city and education", and the topic was "Innovative technologies to support education".

The host of the meeting, which provided the pleasant atmosphere, was Risk Electronic Ltd. - co-founder of the Sofia City of Knowledge Cluster and a leader in these technologies.

The representatives of RISK introduced us to the products and technological solutions offered by them to help education and actively participated in the exchange of information and the establishment of contacts with representatives of institutions and educational organizations.

Belin Mollov, a famous Bulgarian urbanist and artist, presented his selected paintings of the most emblematic buildings related to enlightenment in the Third Bulgarian State. The participants learned with interest the history of these buildings, which is also the history of the country, which, after centuries of isolation during the Ottoman rule, quickly started walking its way back to Europe after its Liberation.

In addition to members of the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City , the meeting was attended by guests from Sofia Invest, the Fund of Funds, directors and teachers from universities and schools, consultants, experts and friends of the cluster.





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