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Thessaloniki Matchmaking

Cluster Sofia Knowledge Ciy will take part in the tenth cluster mission in Thessaloniki, Greece on September 13-14, 2017. A few weeks ago, the Cluster became a member of the European Cluster Cooperation Platform (ECCP) and expressed its willingness and interest to participate at this meeting, which was approved by the organizers.

The cluster will be represented by Dimitar Hristov, Vice Chairman of the Managememt Board. The overall objective of the event is to provide the clusters, which are active in the cultural and creative industries, circular economy, mobility, smart cities, green technologies, energy efficiency and agro-technology with better opportunities for international partnership. The cluster will seek to provide better access of its products to new markets (internationalization). It is aimed also to facilitate the members to easier access to new distribution networks, channels and human resources in their priority areas by creating networks for cooperation with other clusters in the Balkan's and European's countries.

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