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International Conference Sofia Knowledge City was successfuly held

The first International conference Sofia Knowledge City was held successfully on 28 September in Capital Fort, Sofia, under the patronage of Sofia Municipality. The initiators and organizers of the event were Cluster Sofia Knowledge City and Investor Media Group. The conference aimed to attract the attention of citizens, business, scientific, educational institutions, and administration to the topic of the cities of knowledge and the opportunities that can be found in Sofia if the world trends are followed. Special attention was paid to the experience of the City of Vienna in knowledge management, the role, and importance of the specialized programs of the European Union, and the international initiatives in this field.

The conference achieved its goals. More than 150 participants from over 80 organizations (public, non-governmental, and business) participated in the work, and a total of 18 leading experts, lecturers, and moderators participated in the panel discussions. five foreign guests.

The next day was a business breakfast at Sofia Knowledge Café, where business representatives met with some of the experts who participated in the conference. Business breakfast was skillfully conducted by Dr. Andreas Brandner and Prof. Yanko Yanev of KMA, Austria, who applied the Vienna Knowledge Café model. During the breakfast, over 20 people, divided into five working groups, held a discussion about the future of Sofia and about the steps to be taken to make Sofia a city of knowledge.

This business breakfast, named Sofia Knowledge Cafe is to be the first step of the next workgroups sessions where current and future members of the cluster will discuss and propose projects to implement the cluster strategy and objectives.

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