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The development of Sofia Smart City Marketplace has started

The development of Sofia Smart City Marketplace has started

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The Cluster Sofia Knowledge City signed a contract with the company TOUCHPOINT for the creation of an online platform - Sofia Smart City Marketplace. The platform is a component of the Project BG16RFOP002-2.009-0018-C01 - Creating Organizational Capacity and Development Strategy for Cluster Sofia Knowledge City. TOUCHPOINT has been in the information technology market for 15 years and provides specialized services to its customers to improve and optimize their IT infrastructure and management systems. The cluster has trusted the company's overall experience and the expertise of its development team.


The platform will be an environment for publishing, storing, and facilitating access to verified data for product and technology solutions and innovations that can be used in the process of transforming the city into a smart city. It will provide open access to public institutions and all parties interested in the creation of this market to information on the latest technology solutions, products, and services, and will support their dissemination and deployment. The mission of Sofia Smart City Marketplace is to simplify the process of finding, validating, and introducing new city-level technologies so that local authorities and related organizations and institutions can find the most appropriate intelligent solutions to improve the lives of local communities.

By 2020, it is believed that the number of connected devices (usually called the Internet of Things) will exceed 50 billion. In the urban environment, these new technologies transform urban life and help create more sustainable development. New technologies that can be successfully used in the public sector are constantly emerging. The speed of emergence is fast enough and creates a serious challenge to how the latest achievements can quickly get to the city’s officers who care for the creation of smart cities.

The platform's operating principle will be as follows: the input data from technologies’ vendors will be verified, filtered, and registered in a database, and access to them will be open and will allow problem-oriented search by stakeholders. Announced through the support of the Operational Programme Innovation and Competitiveness and in cooperation with Sofia Municipality, the platform could become an intelligent tool that could, if not replace, improve public procurements, thus allowing faster and more efficient deployment of new technologies to improve urban processes. The platform itself can also become a tool for new business models in the process of creating a smart city.

In the future, new functionalities could be added to the platform, as well as expanding its geographic application by attracting other cities in the country and abroad.

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