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The market research and cluster development strategy began

The market research and cluster development strategy began

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The Cluster Sofia Knowledge City has signed a contract with the international consultancy company Euroconsultants Bulgaria SA for conducting market research and development of a strategy for the transformation of Sofia into a smart city.

The company is a member of Euroconsultants S.A - an international consultancy group, which has a strong experience and reputation in the market for consulting services carried out by its practices registered in 12 countries.

 The market research aims to identify and describe the emerging Sofia Smart City market by 2018, to identify the factors and trends for its development, and to propose a market forecast by 2025. Sofia Smart City is a concept of urban development based on the achievements of the information and communication technologies that transform the type, structure, and way of using urban assets and resources in urban environments for a better life for citizens. In smart cities, these technologies are used to develop critical infrastructure in the city, including Smart Transport, Smart Water Supply, Smart Building, Smart Energy, Smart Security, Smart Education, Smart Health, and Smart Management.

The Sofia Smart City market is an emerging market for the production, delivery, introduction, and use of "smart city technologies" that are used in different products and processes, representing a different degree of integration of these technologies into the assets and infrastructure of the city. It is a specific market characterized by consumers, customers, competitors, partners (stakeholders), suppliers, and manufacturers. It is a market with a specific size and growth rate that needs to be identified and described.

Euroconsultants Bulgaria SA is also committed to elaborating a Cluster Development Strategy that will become a road map for the cluster as well as an instrument in preparing and making important decisions for the digital transformation of the city. An essential element of the strategy will be to develop, together with the Cluster an Action Plan, a plan to turn Sofia into a smart city that will contain concrete cluster initiatives proposed to the municipality and all stakeholders.

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