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Open call of Urban Tech Programme

Open call of Urban Tech Programme

Cluster Sofia Knowledge City would like to inform those SMEs and start-ups that works in Health Tech, Greentech and Smart City industries about a new open call, announced by the URBAN TECH Programme! 

The Programme is looking for innovative SMEs and start-ups to compete for a cascade funding.

You may be provided with up to 54 350 EUR per SME or start-up in different funding stages. To take part in this initiative, the participants will need to develop new or significantly improved products or services that address one of the URBAN TECH challenges.

  • Deadline for submission: 14 September 2022.
  • Deadline announcement of winners: 31 October 2022

What the SMEs and the startups may apply for?

  1. MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT VOUCHER. It will be available to 80 SMEs/start-ups.
  2. PILOTING VOUCHER, available to 30 SMEs/start-ups.
  3. MARKET DISCOVERY VOUCHER, which will be provided to 20 SMEs/start-ups.

The funding stages are listed below:


To apply for the Programme, the candidates have to:

  1. Visit URBAN TECH Virtual Library of Challenges
  2. Select one or more challenges from the Library
  3. Provide their solution and apply.

The selection process is as follows:

  • Eligibility check. It includes evaluation of completeness of the submitted applications and preliminary check of the applicants’ profile.
  • Applications that have passed the eligibility check will be submitted to an International Selection Committee, consisting of experts of the three thematic areas.
  • 320 applicants with the most promising solutions matching one of the challenges will be invited to a Hackathon organised throughout November 2022.
  • 80 participants selected from the Hackathon will be able to submit a full proposal by 4 January 2023.

If the SME / start-up successfully passes all the stages, it will receive up to 54.350 EUR. In addition to the direct financial support, SMEs will have an opportunity to use other innovation services provided by the Technology Parks members of the project, such as incubation and testing facilities, coaching and mentoring services and more.

For a detailed explanation, visit the official page of the Open Call at this link:

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