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MoU is signed with ITRI Taiwan

MoU is signed with ITRI Taiwan

On November 3rd a cooperation agreement (MoU) was signed between the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City and the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI).

ITRI is a world-leading applied technology research institute with more than 6,000 outstanding employees and around $ 1 billion in R&D revenue. Founded in 1973, it pioneered in IC development and started to nurture new tech ventures and deliver its R&D results to industries. 

The mission of ITRI is to drive industrial development, create economic value, and enhance social well-being through technology R&D. ITRI has been nominated in 2020 among the world's top 100 innovators and in 2022 it has won three from the R&D 100 Awards, often referred to as “the Oscars of Innovation”.

The prize-winners included: High Resolution Full-Color Micro LED Display for AR Glasses; Point-of-Care AI-DR; and, in collaboration with DuPont Microcircuit and Component Materials (MCM), GreenTape™ 9KC LTCC and Ag Metallization for mmWave 5G Wireless Devices..

The overall subject of this agreement is enhancing the collaboration between European & Bulgarian businesses and in particular between the members of CSKC & members Smart City Tech Partnership with Taiwanese companies and institutions in defined areas of interest. The document was signed in the context of the eT4S (European Technologies for Sustainability) project and serves as a first stage of a long-term potential relationship of strategic value to both signatories.

The parties agreed to cooperate for connecting their innovation ecosystems (R&D projects, open innovation, knowledge exchange, talents, etc.), and enhancing the internationalization opportunities for their stakeholders and members (companies, startups, R&D institutes, universities and NGOs). Particular attention is paid on diverse activities for bi- and multilateral cooperation in such areas like Smart Living, Quality Health, and Sustainable Environment.

Among the main collaboration activities in the MoU are included the following activities:

  • co-organizing events, forums and training (virtual as well physical);
  • supporting the internationalization process of European and Taiwanese businesses
  • facilitating the communication and transfer of knowledge and technologies between companies and other stakeholders from CSKC, SmartCityTech and ITRI.
  • participating in R&D projects financed by EC or Taiwanese Governmental institutions or private investors.
  • exchanging general, marketing and legal non-confidential data as well as secondary information for how the companies can work and cooperate in the corresponding marketplaces

The duration of the present agreement will be of two years, starting from November 3rd 2022 will be extended and amended by mutual agreement.

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