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Meeting with TAITRA for partnership

Meeting with TAITRA for partnership

One of the tasks of each cluster organization is to make the internal supply chain "hook" to the global chain, thus offering qualitatively new growth factors to its members. That is why CSKC pays serious attention to every opportunity that arises to create new partnerships and to encourage internationalization. It is for this reason that on November 4, 2022, we held a meeting with Mr. Shane Tsai - Director of the Taiwan Trade Center Sofia - Bulgaria, one of a total of over 60 centers worldwide of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). TAITRA is Taiwan's largest trade promotion organization, established in 1970 with the aim of assisting Taiwanese businesses to address the challenges they face in overseas markets. 

In the course of the conversations about the benefit of the cooperation of our cluster members with TAITRA, Mr. Tsai gave us an example of the support that the center in Bulgaria has given to 12 Bulgarian companies to visit Taiwan in November 2022.

In our discussion, it was agreed that there are the following five practical areas for cooperation between CSKC and TAITRA:

  • Organizing the participation of Bulgarian companies and organizations in trade exhibitions in Taiwan;
  • Conducting joint specialized events on various topics;
  • Organization of trade missions from Taiwan to Bulgaria;
  • Conducting online meetings between cluster members with companies and other organizations from Taiwan;
  • Joint venture and investments in start-up companies between Bulgaria and Taiwan.

When asked what are the interesting exhibitions that will be organized in Taiwan in 2023, Mr. Tsai pointed out the following events that he believes will be relevant for the CSKC members:

  • Computex (ICT)
  • TIMTOS (mechanical engineering)
  • Taipei Cycle (bicycles)
  • E-mobility (electric cars)
  • Medical Taiwan (medicine and pharmaceuticals)

Undeniably, there are great opportunities for our members to work more closely with companies and organizations from Taiwan. Therefore, in the near future, a framework agreement will be signed between the two organizations, accompanied by a concrete action plan for 2023.

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