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Smart City Guidance Package is ready

European Committee of the Regions, Brussels | 8th May 2018

Energy efficiency and strategic collaboration with local partners, supported by ICT tools to improve the quality of life of European citizens, having a long-term perspective on the built environment in mind: these are the key elements of the sustainable city of the future identified by the 'Smart City Guidance Package' (SCGP) launched by the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC). The work was led by the Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulations Action Cluster of the EIP-SCC.

The market research for Sofia Knowledge City was completed

The market research for Cluster Sofia Knowledge City, that was focused on the role of the cluster in the process of transforming Sofia into a smart city, was completed. The study together with the marketing strategy elaboration is the result of cooperation between the cluster and the consultancy company Euroconsultants Bulgaria SA - member of the international group Euroconsultants S.A. Sofia Smart City is a concept of urban development based on the achievements of information and communication technologies that transform the type, structure, and way

A Sofia Knowledge City strategy is elaborated

А Marketing Strategy for the period 2019-2025 for transforming Sofia into a smart city has been developed with the financial support of OP Innovation and Competitiveness. It reflects the role and impact that Cluster Sofia Knowledge City can deliver on the processes of transformation and digitalization of the city, following the objectives of the cluster to impose good practices in creating knowledge cities. The strategy, as well as the market research, are the result of cooperation between the cluster and the consulting practice Euroconsultants Bulgaria SA - a member of the international group Euroconsultants S.A.

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